Tbilisi – Archive of Transition

Nach anderthalb Jahren Feldrecherche arbeiten wir gemeinsam mit unseren georgischen Partnern an einer Buchpublikation, die zur Buchmesse 2018 erscheinen soll:

„Over the past decade, Georgia has experienced a process of intense transformation that is particularly reflected in its capital – where ambitious building projects and increased foreign investment has led to a sense of constant transformation stretching from the old town to the outlying districts. Attending to this transformation demands new discussion among the city’s inhabitants and raises important questions: What is to be preserved and what is to be destroyed? What can be owned and what belongs to everyone? What do we want to remember and what can be forgotten?

With the Archive of Transition, we set out to record different dimensions and velocities of change within the city. We talked to artists and cityplanners, architects and activists, priests and politicians, to understand what change means to all of them.“

Herausgeber: Klaus Neuburg, Sebastian Pranz, Lexo Soselia, Wato Tsereteli, Jesse Vogler, Fabian Weiß
Art-Direktion: Simon Roth
Gestaltung: Laurens Bauer und Lukas Esser
Verlag: Niggli
Jahr: 2015-2018